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Barrington’s White House Announces New “2nd Thursdays” Jazz Cabaret Series

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Enjoy Jazz Selections from Local Artists

Barrington’s White House is excited to announce their new “2nd Thursdays” Jazz Cabaret series featuring local Barrington artists. Now’s your chance to watch local jazz enthusiasts perform in an “open mic” setting! The premiere of this series is Thursday, August 13, at 7:00 pm (to be held virtually online) and includes piano, bass, vocal, and brass performances. The series will continue each second Thursday in September, October, and November.

Brought to you by a generous donation from the Barrington Area Community Foundation, you can watch local jazz enthusiasts step to the mic and perform their favorite jazz tunes with the popular Marianne Kim Jazz Duo, live from Barrington’s White House. In addition to the Jazz Duo, August 13 will feature two vocalists, Kim Albrecht and Kate Himes, and Randy Karon on trumpet.

Jazz enthusiasts are encouraged to contact BWH Cultural Director, Rollin Potter (rrpotter@outlook.com), to arrange for a brief rehearsal and coaching with the Marianne Kim Jazz Duo. The group will perform that same evening. It’s a jazzy open mic night!

Jazz Duo

The Marianne Kim Jazz Duo

This virtual, online event, as well as the entire Jazz Cabaret series, is free and open to the public. To purchase tickets, please visit our event page. To view the program, please go to our new Live Event Stream page.  For more information about accessing this event online, please contact Kate Himes at 224.234.4018 or kate@kateify.com.