Create Time for Family with a Reunion at Barrington’s White House

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Make a special time for your family to be together by creating a Family Reunion at Barrington’s White House. Family Reunions are a great way to catch up, reminisce and get to know a member of the family you’ve never met before.

Barrington’s White House is a friendly place to host your gathering. Our beautiful, fully restored 1898 mansion is private and welcoming space for an afternoon, evening or the entire weekend. Our ballroom has a drop-down screen with all the AV you need to show special photos or share video. The grand room offers 16-foot ceiling, beautiful décor and accommodates up to 130. The elegant first floor parlors and study offer a homelike feel, with lots of charm and space for conversation. Let our House be an extension of your home!

A beautiful family reunion at Barrington’s White House.

Planning the Perfect Family Reunion

The task can seem overwhelming. Here are some steps to creating a family reunion that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come:

Start the Ball Rolling

Reach out to family members to survey options on which date and location work best. Ask for help in tracking down relatives who have moved or remarried. If it’s your first, maybe start small—you can expand the number of people as you move forward. Be sure to have them save the date!

Choose a Venue That Matches Your Family’s Personality

Pick a place that feels warm and welcoming. For example, Barrington’s White House feels like an extension of your own home, and is a beautiful and private place with quiet spaces to catch up. Try to choose a location that’s centrally located and will be easy to travel to by plane, car or train. And one that has hotel accommodations nearby, preferably with shuttle services.

Divide Up Duties

Many hands lighten the load. If you have a large event planned, create committees to take charge of specific tasks or areas, such as communication, finance, transportation and hotels, catering, and entertainment/themes.

Plan Activities for All Ages

From toddlers to tweeners, from aunts and uncles to grandmas, you’ll want your reunion to have activities for all ages. And even better if multi-generations can partake in the same activity. Try card and board games like Pictionary, Clue or Chutes and Ladders. And plan an “Ice Breaker” event to make everyone feel welcomed and involved as soon as they arrive.

Liven it Up with Music and Dancing

Consider a D.J. to get everyone out on the dance floor. Rent or buy a Karaoke machine. Or keep it simple and play from one of your family member’s Spotify song list, with a range of music from “oldies but goodies” to some of the latest hits.

Share Old Family Photo Albums and Movies

Reunions are a great time to break out the old family photos and hear stories of times past. Maybe you can put your heads together to identify all the names in an old picture. Or hear stories of when your grandparents met and fell in love.

And showing old movies is sure to get some laughs and stir some memories. It’s great to rent a space that offers a built-in screen and AV for all of your needs.

Capture the Day

Don’t let your family stories be lost to history. Consider videotaping your elderly family members sharing stories about their childhoods. Or have each family member share his or her favorite family moment and bring a cherished photo that can be put into an album during the party.

Have Fun!

Take a breath and enjoy the day. It’s a time to connect and make new family memories.

Jennifer Salvatore at Barrington's White HouseWe can provide a list of outstanding caterers with delicious and imaginative offerings to match your needs and your budget.Schedule your private tour and consultation. Call Jennifer Salvatore, Barrington’s White House Hospitality Manager, at 224-512-4115 or See photographs from recent weddings at Barrington’s White House in our wedding gallery here.