Dee Beaubien, Committed Community Member and Philanthropist, and Her Thoughts on Legacy

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Dee Beaubien with Grandchildren Bobby, Ella and Annie.

Today my granddaughter Ella told her family that she wanted to give her allowance to Barrington’s White House project as a gift to her town. Ella is nine.

I’m not sure what her allowance even amounts to but her gesture is a perfect demonstration of what a legacy can mean to all of us. She also has a birthday party tomorrow and has asked her friends to give to the JourneyCare Juniors, another project she has chosen to support, instead of any other toy or game or movie they might have brought to her party–another legacy gesture–from someone so young who is learning early the importance of giving back to your community.

This kind of learning for our children and grandchildren is what legacy gifts inspire. And as a grandmother I’m happy to say that my grandchildren have been donating to not for profits, (with all of them who are old enough, including Ella’s sister, Annie, 15 and her brother, Bobby, 13) in both time and allowances, for years. My sons and their wives have also been generous with not for profit organizations. To restore the White House, for the Barrington community and all of its children and grandchildren, is a wonderful gift that will allow us all to focus on the importance of the next generation and on generations to come.

The White House was once the center of our community and certainly can be again – a gathering place that welcomes everyone to events that might feature performing arts, wedding receptions, art exhibits and more. The restored elegance of the White House can also offer spaces for not for profits, with reasonable rent and shared back office expenses that will make the spirit of collaboration shine in Barrington. It will be a legacy, a gift for future generations, and it is these future generations that hold the key to the continuation of civility and the Barrington area community’s spirit of philanthropy.

                                                                                            Dee Beaubien


Dee Beaubien with Grandchildren Luciana (3), Alex (1-1/2) and Marco (7).