Kim Duchossois, Challenge Donor and Philanthropist, and Her Thoughts on Barrington’s White House

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Kim Duchossois, Challenge Donor and Philanthropist

Kim Duchossois, Challenge Donor and Philanthropist

I’m terribly excited to be involved in the Barrington White House Project. What’s exciting to me is that the building has been here as long as I can remember, and it’s gone through many reiterations, but finally it’s being redesigned to be a part of the entire community to be used in multiple ways from which we’ll all benefit.

This house was originally designed to be a cultural center by a couple, the Robertsons, who entertained and enjoyed all kinds of cultural activities and events and now it’s coming full circle and it’ll be a centerpiece for all of us to enjoy in just those ways.

Barrington’s White House is going to be so appreciated by everyone because they all have an opportunity to participate at any level and everyone from grandparents, parents and children will be able to utilize this building, which will become the beautiful results of their efforts.

People will be able to make memories here.