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Micro Weddings: The Trend That Finally Saves You Money

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Welcome to Barrington’s White House where micro weddings are trending as a way to finally save you money. With the decline of formal weddings with large guest counts, brides and grooms have started looking outside the box for a way to say, “I Do.” The average wedding costs just over $33,000, with the average guest count hovering around 135, according to The Knot’s Wedding Study. That’s $244 per guest!

The big, blowout wedding certainly isn’t going anywhere, but couples are starting to veer toward a more intimate, and cost-effective, way to get married: a micro-wedding.

At first glance, a micro-wedding might seem like a spur of the moment affair, similar to an elopement. But micro-weddings are nothing of the sort. They include all the traditional features of any wedding – venue, photographer, cake, decor – just on a smaller scale. It’s the latest trend amongst cost-conscious and even environmentally-friendly consumers, where minimalism can be seen in food, clothing, and design. And, the wedding industry has caught on!

As a historic mansion and intimate wedding venue that seats 130, Barrington’s White House has seen more couples embracing the change and an increase in smaller, more private weddings.

“With smaller guest counts, the couple have more flexibility to spend money on what matters to them – be it food upgrades, premium open bar or even florals,” says Jennifer Salvatore, Hospitality Manager at the popular historic venue.

Aside from being more affordable, couples are also able to spend one-on-one time with their guests, something brides and grooms aren’t able to do with a larger scale wedding.

At the end of the day, the desire (or need) for a micro-wedding may stem from a small budget, a hunger for intimacy or simply wanting to streamline your nuptials. The micro-wedding allows couples to have their cake (no matter how small!) and eat it too.

For more information on weddings and event at Barrington’s White House, contact Jennifer Salvatore or call 224.512.4115. See photographs from recent events at Barrington’s White House in our gallery here.

Barrington’s White House is a unique, historic venue located in the heart of downtown Barrington at 145 West Main Street. This meticulously restored 1898 mansion hosts cultural and community events, and is also available for rental for weddings, rehearsal dinners and welcome parties, corporate meetings, non-profit fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries and other family celebrations. Visit the web site or call 224-512-4115.