Picture Perfect – Wedding Photographers Share Their Tips

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Wedding photographers can be a great resource for your big day – especially when they share their tips! . We’ve pulled some of the best tips from our recent article in Quintessential Barrington Magazine’s May-June issue.

Tamara Jaros, Photographer, Crystal Lake

Have Your Wedding Photographer Take Your Engagement Photo, Too

  • Engagement photos help photographers connect with clients and for couples to really get a feel for what photography on the day of their wedding will feel like.

Formulate a Portrait List Ahead of Time

  • Designate someone from the bridal party to help—she’ll know the people on both sides of the family and can call out the names of people needed for certain pictures. Wedding photographers need this!

Collect Special Items for a Memento Photo

  • Gather your mother’s necklace, your invitation, a photo of someone you miss. Place your items in a bag prior to your wedding day. Your photographer can stage the shot while you are getting ready.

Kerri Carlquist,Photographer, Chicago

Let Your Photographer In on Who You Are

  • Photographers go to extreme lengths to get to know you as a couple before the day—what is most important to you, what makes your relationship and what makes your story true. Share your personal story with your wedding photographer.

Schedule Your Hair and Make-Up Based on Your “Finish” Time

  • What time are your pre-wedding photos? When does the ceremony start? Your make-up professionals can then recommend how much time you’ll need to budget.

Grab Golden Hour Portraits with the Setting Sun

  • Lighting is such an important element of fabulous photos. Plan to sneak away for a portrait at this most beautiful time of day with your forever person.”

Amanda Mae Gecewicz, Photographer, Chicago

Create a Master Schedule to Keep Vendors in Synch

  • For example, the photographer and D.J. need to work together so every special moment is captured–from your father’s speech, to your first dance.

Take the Pressure Off With “Candid” Shots and Video

  • Many brides and grooms are camera shy. Just talk to one another or have a conversation with the photographer. You’ll forget you’re posing and the shot will look natural.

Most Importantly—Enjoy Your Day!

  • Breathe, smile and have fun. “The most important thing,” says Tamara, “is you’re there together to celebrate your marriage and you’re surrounded by people who love you.”


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