5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

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Is there a baby on the way for one of your relatives or friends? Follow these simple steps to planning a festive and fun baby shower.

Step 1: Pick the Setting

Begin looking at party venues and checking their venue rental options. Choose a location that is convenient for the parents-to-be and centrally located for guests. Decide if you are looking for an intimate baby shower venue or a private room within a favorite restaurant. Clear a couple of dates and times with the parents-to-be before visiting your venue choices. Next, tour the event venues and decide which event space rentals work best for your plans and number of guests.

Step 2: Choose a Theme

Once the date, time and place are selected, choose a theme that goes with your selected party venue. It doesn’t have to match, but it should be a logical fit for your space. For example, a book theme would be great in a historical venue, like Barrington’s White House. We love hosting beautiful baby showers in our vintage mansion!

Step 3: Invitations, Décor and Favors

After selecting your theme, choose coordinating invitations and send them out to your guest list about six weeks before the event. Pick décor that also fits with the theme and a corresponding favor. In our book theme example, a great favor might be a bookmark or personal reading light.

Step 4: Create Your Menu

Talk with local caterers or the restaurant about menu options. Many showers offer lunch, but brunch, appetizers or dinner are also acceptable. Determine your drink menu at this time, as well. Your guests might enjoy a mix of cocktails and “mom-tails” at your event.

Step 5: Set Your Day-Of Plans

Many showers include fun games, while others are more about mingling and chatting. Determine the best fit for your event and make a plan for the day. If you have your event venue rental for three hours, what will your guests do in that time? Prepare a flexible agenda to ensure you have the flow of the event down before the big day.

Once all the planning is completed, be sure to relax and enjoy all your hard work! The parents-to-be are sure to be thrilled with the event you’ve designed to welcome the new addition to their family.

Written by Kelsey O’Shaughnessy Podgorski

Barrington’s White House is a unique wedding venue and event venue located in the heart of downtown Barrington at 145 West Main Street. This meticulously restored 1898 mansion hosts cultural and community events, and is also available for rental for weddings, corporate meetings, non-profit fundraisers and family celebrations.