5 Wedding Rules We Love to Break

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At Barrington’s White House, we may be a historic venue, but we’re not old fashioned. Wedding traditions have a special place in our hearts, but we also love couples that break free from the mold and create their own unique wedding day. Here are a few rules we love to see broken!

1. Your dad has to walk you down the aisle.

We all have lots of amazing people in our lives. And taking a walk down the aisle with someone special can be a wonderful way to honor him or her. However, the traditional daddy/daughter walk isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you are close with both your parents, walk down with both of them. A grandparent, sibling, or close friend will also make that important walk feel exciting and special. Or, be bold and walk down that aisle on your own.

Bride and Groom with Mother and father Walking Down the Aisle

2. The wedding couple can’t see each other before the ceremony.

First looks, where the bride and groom meet before the ceremony to see each other, have become very popular in the last few years. They can help save time by allowing the couple to take photos before the ceremony. And, they make for a very sentimental photo, where the couple has a moment alone before their long, exciting day begins.

First Look at Bride Before the Wedding.

3. You must have a wedding cake.

Couples are getting so crafty with their wedding food these days. Why not extend that to a unique dessert? Instead of a traditional cake, try an ice cream bar, a doughnut station, delicate favor boxes filled with French macaroons, monogrammed chocolate bars, or custom cookies. If you still want just a taste of tradition, have a small cake that you can cut before you serve your amazing dessert.

4. The bride must wear white.

While white is always beautiful for a bride, this is one rule that’s being broken all across runways right now. Gorgeous gowns in blue, blush, champagne, and gold are all the rage. Create your own amazing look based on colors and designs you love. This day is all about you!

5. Your wedding should be in a banquet hall.

If you want a beautiful, unique day, you need a beautiful, unique venue. A historic mansion, like Barrington’s White House, offers the comfort of a family home with the style of a sophisticated venue. Find a unique space that speaks to you and your wedding day will be as wonderful and exciting as your happily ever after.

Beautiful Wedding Venue

Try “something new” and break from tradition with a wedding that’s uniquely yours.

We’d love to work with you to make your day extra special. Contact us today.

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