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Barrington’s White House Brides Review Our Venue

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Future brides review Barrington’s White House against the backdrop of their greatest dreams for their most important day. They are looking for a private venue with all of the comforts our mansion delivers – three floors of space focusing on rehearsal dinners, welcoming parties, wedding vows, a bride’s room that accommodates a small crowd with hair and makeup artists, a groom’s room with pocket doors for privacy, a kitchen that caterers love, a staircase and front porch that photographers adore, and private spaces throughout for intimate conversations.

Enjoy these Barrington’s White House bridal reviews from The Knot and Wedding Wire which are hot off the presses:

Photographers love the outdoor spaces at Barrington’s White House.

“I chose the mansion for a few reasons: I love the details. The intimate setting and history within the building, as well as the separate levels for cocktail hour and the reception. Of course, the con is the intimidation of the work that has to be done on the bride’s end but as long as the caterer knows what they are doing it’s a breeze. I also love the house itself – it’s clean, beautiful, rich wood features, so many nooks and spaces for special shots, as well as the bridal suite – a major plus. Since we got married within 6 months, it was also a breath of fresh air that the availability was flexible and of course, the staff was reassuring and easy to work with









barrington's white house

“The main reason I chose the White House for my wedding is because I wanted something very different than your typical ballroom. Ray and I looked at two other venues, which were really pretty, but they didn’t stand out as much. One of them was a great hall and the other was a golf course. I wanted a distinct space that gave our guests something to marvel over, and that’s exactly what the White House gave us.

The Front Porch at Barrington’s White House. Chris Photography

While our wedding itself was the reason that everyone came together, the White House was a major bonus for us all. Most of our guests had not heard of the White House before (I say that to add that our venue selection was very unique, compared to a place that guests have been to multiple times for other weddings), but yet I got many, many, many compliments on the beauty of the entire house.

The history of the White House is one thing we loved, knowing that the house (aside from the new renovations) has stood for over 100 years, it has a lot of significance throughout it. Being able to celebrate our love and begin our life together in a place that has a lot of history and life of its own was a special thing.

The Front Porch at Barrington’s White House. Chris Photography

The size of the White House was also a key piece for us, because we wanted a somewhat smaller and more intimate wedding, and having a space that played to that was important. We didn’t want to have a lot of empty space through the ceremony/reception area, but we also didn’t want to share a large space and have multiple weddings at the same time as ours. I’ve been to other weddings at large venues and there are two or three other wedding receptions going on at the exact same time, and I didn’t want to have that. Having the whole house to ourselves was incredible, with many rooms for guests to walk through, and the spacing during our reception was perfect. It felt just right with the number of guests we had, with everyone being very comfortable through the whole night, compared to cramped at their table to fit every single person in.Raymond and I wanted our night to be simple yet elegant, and that’s exactly what the White House gave us. It was a decoration in itself, so we didn’t even need to go over the top with our own decor.

I did so much research on venues before we looked at any place, and once I came across the White House I knew it was what I wanted, because I had not seen anything like it at a wedding before. I still get compliments on the space we picked, and I will always recommend it to others who are looking for a special place that will be like no other.”


The Bride’s Room at Barrington’s White House. Carrie Leah Photography

“My husband and I chose Barrington White House because we were in search of a different space for our ceremony. We were not looking for a standard chapel or banquet hall. The House’s ballroom provided enough space to accommodate all our guests comfortably. It was also the perfect canvas for us to create our dream ceremony. We did not have to add too much to it as it was beautiful on its own.

Our guests complimented us on the uniqueness and beauty the House provided and stated it fit very well with our own personalities – simple, yet one of a kind. Working with the staff members of the House also provided for seamless planning with minimal to no hiccups. I would recommend Barrington White House to anyone looking for something charming, intimate and different, as the House is that!”


Wedding Vows at Barrington’s White House. Carrie Leah Photography

The Groom’s Room at Barrington’s White House. Carrie Leah Photography


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Barrington’s White House is a unique community event, private event and wedding venue located in the heart of downtown Barrington at 145 West Main Street. This meticulously restored 1898 mansion hosts cultural and community events, and is also available for rental for weddings, corporate meetings, non-profit fundraisers and family celebrations. Visit