Barrington’s White House Vendor Partner: Truffleberry Market

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Truffleberry Market has been serving beautifully crafted, stylish and delicious food to the Barrington area for nine years. Each event is a “cuisine experience” designed personally by their skilled chefs.

What’s the best part about catering weddings?

The best part is sharing in such an intimate, magical moment with the couple and their families. We have been a part of some beautiful weddings, which were not just significant in the celebration, but were literally life-changing to the couple and everyone attending. Moments everyone will remember and cherish every day of their lives.

What’s trending right now in catering for events?

This is a word I use a lot when it comes to Truffleberry, but my favorite thing to propose for weddings is something experiential. Whether in a passed or seated format, everyone loves doing something to their food or having their food do something to them! When a centerpiece incorporates rosemary and guests are instructed to take a snip with adorable mini shears for their menu item, it’s just really cool.

We have presented and created all sorts of interactivity: clip it, smoke it, squeeze it, pour it. Getting guests involved in this experiential action not only brings people together in a moment, but it creates conversation and adds to the originality of the experience.

The other thing we are seeing a lot of are donuts. They are over-taking the Cake Pop. They are cute, available in endless flavors and colors, and are wonderfully versatile. Donut walls, decorated donut holes, tiny micro donuts in paper cones, donuts on skewers and sticks, donut towers, donut cakes, donut carts, Coffee and donuts – everything. They’re whimsical, customizable, and delicious.

What do you take into consideration when planning a menu?

Listening to what the client wants, even if they aren’t able to articulate it. People don’t always know exactly which direction they want to go in when it comes to menu and service style, let alone trying to put it into words. Taking the time to chat and really listen to what they’re saying (and sometimes what they’re NOT saying), you can begin to understand their vision and help mold it perfectly for them.

What’s your favorite part about catering at Barrington’s White House?

Barrington’s White House perfectly captures elegance, warmth and charm. Not only is the House steeped in cultural history, there is a wonderful, welcoming, comforting “home-like” appeal the minute you walk up the steps. The White House adds such an enchanting personality to all events – you can really feel how special it is. (see more photos here) 

What’s your best wedding story?

A couple had met and fallen in love instantly, but weren’t to marry for 33 years. Life had taken them in different directions and to different states. They found each other again after three decades – and they were not going to let go this time. They were married immediately and it was glorious. You could feel the love and energy swelling in the air and taking hold over everyone. This was a true testament of how True Love knows no time – and no bounds! To cook for this moment in their lives was the greatest honor.

To learn more about Truffleberry Market, please visit their website.


Barrington’s White House is a unique wedding venue and event venue located in the heart of downtown Barrington at 145 West Main Street. This meticulously restored 1898 mansion hosts cultural and community events, and is also available for rental for weddings, corporate meetings, non-profit fundraisers and family celebrations. For more information you may contact Barrington’s White House here.