Gerry Nadig, President of The Barrington Area Community Foundation and Supporter of Barrington’s White House

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Gerry Nadig of The Barrington Area Community Foundaiton

We got involved with Barrington’s White House Project through the granting process. We just finished our annual granting cycle and we’ve granted $25,000 on a multi-year grant to the White House. This is an undertaking that we think is very important to Barrington because it’s our first civic, cultural and community center.

One of the other reasons this project has captured our imagination is because we have an opportunity to be involved with the preservation and restoration of one of Barrington’s most important landmarks. It’s one of the few historic buildings left in the Barrington downtown area.

Barrington is going to love this white house because it’s going to be woven into the fabric of the community. We’ll be able to hold cultural events here and it will be open to the public for weddings and other special occasions. There has been a large outpouring of support from individuals, families and other foundations in the Barrington area and we’re happy to be a part of it.